Club History

Harry Newby put an ad in the paper sometime in ’04 and several people responded.

Winter Park players gave a demonstration of both 6 Wicket & Golf Croquet to about 40-50 People. The grip, stance, the line, & the swing were demonstrated. Meetings were held near the Dacey’s home to form the club.
Janice & Walter Martin joined the club in the spring of 2005. At that time there were only about six to eight members; Judith & Ray Dacey were president & secretary.

On Nov 4-6. 2005, Ray, Janice, and Walter, went to the Nat’l Croquet Center in W. Palm Beach and completed the three day instructional school conducted by the USCA. (They have the certificates and the newspaper clippings to confirm this). For the next two years they returned to the USCA for advance instruction and a golf croquet tournament. Henry and Emily Brokaw went with them the third year.

Jim Klier, Maureen & Evan White, & other Canadians were early members. Lessons were given then to interested members. 

During these years, the Martins set up the court each Friday night and took it down Sunday night. Monthly meetings were at the Rio Grande pool area followed by play.

When people joined the new club,the dues were about $65.00 per person but that price included the membership to the USCA.

Many tournaments were enjoyed with the clubs in Palm Bay, (near St.Augustine) & Sarasota.

In 2007 or 2008, Janice Martin was elected president of the club, Walter, treasurer, Barb Hall, vice president and Edie Ruh secretary. Janice and Walter Martin continued to be dedicated members of the club and the game of croquet.

Members called each other to find partners with whom to play & then go play. Saturday mornings were extremely popular.

Barb Hall was instrumental making the sport more popular & encouraged many new players.

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